Here’s a simple resume template that you can use.

Some advice on resumes:

Never include anything on a resume which is not true (goes without saying, but you’d be surprised).

Remember that the person reading it is more interested in what you can do for their organisation than your own aims, hopes or fears. They tend to skip over any ‘My long term goals’ or ‘My personal mission statement’ for the same reason you would skip over a company mission statement when reading about their products.

Keep it short, but include everything that’s relevant. Don’t ramble.

If you have experience with specific tools or techniques, mention them by name. Sadly, a lot of recruitment agencies (and even some employers) use text search as a first cut. (Just FYI, HCi doesn’t!)

Don’t let anyone tell you that your resume has to fit in one page.

Don’t include your photo unless you’re applying for a job as a model or actor.

Employers look for gaps in your work history, because they can indicate long periods of illness, unemployment or incarceration. If you went travelling for six months, or took a year off to build a boat or write a book, just put that in your resume; don’t leave a gap.