Our business is built on people, and contacts between people: writers, BAs and the other specialists we work with, and clients.

We’ve built our referral rewards program to give back something to people who pass us information that helps us connect the right people with the right jobs. Even if you’re doing it as a favour to someone you know who’s looking for work, or a client you’d like to help but can’t, we think you still deserve a reward.

You can be paid up to $1600 for referring a candidate or a client, if it works out and results in someone getting a contract or a permanent job they wouldn’t otherwise have got.

It works like this:

If you know of someone who is looking for work, or a client that’s looking to have work done, contact us immediately and we’ll add you to our Referral Rewards Register.

If your referral results in a permanent placement, or a contract of at least 3 months duration, within 6 months of you giving us the information, then we’ll give you a cash reward: simple as that.

The first reward you’ll get will be modest: $100. If you give us two successful referrals in the same six-month period the second reward will be $200. The third will be $400, the fourth $800 and the fifth and subsequent ones paid in the same six-month period will be $1600.

Please also read the following before referring to us:

  1. Referrals must be new to us: they must be either candidates that we haven’t been in touch with before, or clients we haven’t invoiced in the 12 months prior to the referral.
  2. Referrals will only be paid if they result in either a permanent placement, or a contract placement of at least 3 months duration. The placement or contract must start within 6 months of the date on which you gave us the referral.
  3. We cannot pay referrals for ‘payrolled’ positions where a client and candidate are already known to each other and we’re being asked just to provide salary and billing services.
  4. If you are referring a client, you must tell them that you are getting a reward.
  5. We will pay $100 for your first successful referral.
  6. If you make more than one successful referral (ie a referral that results in a payment under this scheme) in the same 6-month period, we will pay $200 for the second, $400 for the third, $800 for the fourth and $1600 for the fifth and any subsequent referrals which are payable during the same 6-month period.
  7. If we happen to make more than one placement at a client that you have referred, or if we place a candidate that you refer to us more than once, that still counts as one (client or candidate) referral.
  8. Because referral rewards are a cash payment to you, we have to treat them as part of our payroll, so we’ll be doing all the usual payroll things (tax, super). But for small amounts ($100 or $200) you should end up with all of the cash in your bank account.