Professional trainers can deliver from good training materials even if they were not previously an expert in the area being taught.  Trainers tend to specialise in either ‘systems training’, which is training people how to use systems and processes, or ‘soft-skills training’, which is training people how to interact with others.  Call us to speak to a specialist about providing a trainer to work in your team anywhere in Australia or NZ.

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What can a trainer do for me?

  • Deliver training in a compelling way

    Often those people most expert in a subject are not the ones best suited to deliver training in it.  This was explored in a landmark experiment (  If you want your trainees to absorb the material effectively, it’s important to have an effective trainer, rather than a subject matter expert with poor delivery skills.

  • Help trainees understand the material

    The trainer will work with your trainees to ensure that they understand the material.  Convincing trainees to admit that they don’t understand something requires consummate interpersonal skills.

  • Give you feedback on the training materials and trainees

    Trainers will often have detailed feedback on the materials they have been asked to deliver, and often on the overall match between the materials and the trainees.  Sometimes they will have feedback on specific trainees, particularly where training small groups.

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Why use a trainer?

  • Better at explaining than an expert

    Often a trainer will do a better job of explaining material – even complex material – than someone who is expert in the material, but may not have effective training delivery skills or experience.

  • Free your staff up for other work

    Training delivery is a time-consuming and exhausting task, and if you are using expert staff to deliver training you may be better off using them for other tasks.

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Frequently asked questions

A trainer is a professional who:

  • undertakes training delivery to a classroom or e-Learning audience
  • has undertaken a formal training delivery qualification such as Certificate IV or has the appropriate years of training experience
  • trainers can also sometimes develop documentation and training materials
  • has a well structured and formalised approach to training delivery, based on learning outcomes

Trainers start by analysing the materials they have to deliver, and should also ask questions about the audience they’re being asked to train.  Where there is too large a gap between the knowledge of the audience and the knowledge required to understand the material as presented, the trainer should raise this as an issue with you.  They should then present the training material, supported by suitable infrastructure (either elearning systems, or just classroom setup) and track which trainees have attended.  They should be able to answer obvious questions regarding the materials, and record other questions for presentation to experts later.  They will generally have feedback on the materials once they have actually delivered them.

Trainers have to have good training delivery skills, of course, but they also need to be sensitive to their audience, and be able to sense when one or more trainees is struggling with the material.  They will also generally have formal qualifications, although these are only generally required for training delivery in Registered Training Organisations, and even then only where the RTO does not already have staff with those qualifications.  Outside the RTO structure (eg for internal systems or soft skills training) a trainer’s skills and experience are far more important than their formal qualifications.

The cost of a trainer will depend on a number of factors including the length of the engagement, the location (and if all of the training can be delivered done online), the particular expertise you require, and who’s available at the time.  Typical rates from HCi are $125-250/hr plus GST.

You do.  We provide the trainer, but you as the client are totally in charge of what they do.

Just ask to talk to one of our trainers and get their ideas on how long your project might take.  Bear in mind that they will need preparation time on top of the actual training delivery time.

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Rates for trainers vary according to experience and capability.

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