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Training only works when trainees pay attention, and most training materials – particularly elearning! – are not compelling. Hire a professional instructional designer or elearning developer to turn your existing materials into something worth reading or listening to, or develop something new from scratch. Call us to speak to a specialist about providing an instructional designer or elearning developer to work in your team anywhere in Australia or NZ.

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What can an instructional designer or elearning developer do for me?

  • Refresh existing materials

    Even if the information in your existing material is still up to date, it will still date and look old. Trainees hate being forced to use materials that look dated. And of course materials need constant updating just to make sure they’re still valid.

  • Develop new materials

    There are many reasons you might need new training materials: new regulations, new products, new processes, major organisational change. Training is an integral part of helping your organisation deal with change.

  • Help make materials compliant

    RTO and OH&S materials need to be updated constantly to match new requirements and standards. Hire an instructional designer to help you keep your courses compliant.

  • Make materials more compelling

    How often have you seen elearning which just automates slide turning? Your trainees might work their way through it, but how much do they retain? Using elearning content development services can solve that problem.

  • Turn text into elearning

    If you already have a manual or handbook that covers the material you want to teach, then most of the hard work is done: hire an instructional designer to do the elearning instructional design to turn that information into compelling face to face training material or elearning.

  • Create SCORM-compatible elearning

    Most Learning Management Systems (LMSs) will accept any elearning that complies with the SCORM standard, and most elearning tools will produce SCORM-compliant materials. Hire an elearning developer to make sure all of your training material is actually accessible through your LMS.

  • Turn classroom materials into elearning … or even vice versa

    During Covid we had many clients turn face to face learning into elearning, but sometimes face to face (or at least, online-mediated) learning has its place, particularly where trainees are not easily motivated. Effective learning design takes into account the need for face to face elements where necessary.

  • Create videos

    Video is often a key component of elearning, so many elearning developers also have graphic arts or videography skills.

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Why use an instructional designer or elearning developer?

  • Reduce costs

    Your existing staff, particularly technical staff, will tell you that they can develop training material because they’re experts in what’s being trained. This might be true, but it will take them a lot longer than it would an expert instructional designer who does this for a living. Instructional design for elearning is even more specialised.

  • Get materials finished quickly

    If you have an existing ID team, we can augment it with experts to help you meet the suddenly changing needs of your internal clients.

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Frequently asked questions

An instructional designer is a professional who:

  • usually holds formal qualifications in education
  • has studied proven principles in learning techniques
  • is able to identify training needs
  • is able to develop training materials to meet learning outcomes
  • can plan and action training strategies for digital transformation and other key business changes

An instructional designer often starts by developing a Learning Needs Analysis (LNA) which looks at the trainees, their existing knowledge, and what they need to learn. They can then develop an outline of the training material, and finally develop the material itself.

Instructional designers can develop a range of learning materials:

  • Face to face (eg PowerPoint and supporting documents)
  • Responsive elearning design
  • Blended learning (typically a combination of the first two)

An instructional designer needs two essential skill sets: first, the ability to gain information from your subject matter experts, or from existing materials. Second, the ability to turn that information into compelling learning materials.

The cost of an instructional designer will depend on a number of factors including the length of the engagement, the location (sometimes all of the work can be done remotely), the particular expertise you require, and who’s available at the time. Typical rates for elearning and instructional design from HCi are $100-200/hr plus GST. The cost of an elearning instructional designer tends to be slightly higher.

You do. We provide the document writer, but you as the client are totally in charge of what they do.

We have an article that will help you budget elearning development time, here: Estimating professional writing projects. Or just ask to talk to one of our IDs and get their ideas on how long your project might take.

An eLearning developer is a professional who:

  • understands learning concepts and is usually a qualified educator
  • understands the elearning development process
  • has a track record and experience in developing eLearning courseware
  • designs and develops “instructionally sound” training courses to meet learning objectives
  • may use video to increase user interest, knowledge retention and participation
  • considers the learning environment – i.e. workplace, accessibility, technology and training time available
  • applies the principles of human-centered design to elearning delivery
  • identifies suitable content for eLearning

Elearning developers are expert in using elearning tools like Adobe Captivate, Articulate Storyline or Camtasia to deliver SCORM-compatible learning materials that work with your LMS. Often these skills are combined with graphic arts or videography to develop animation or VR materials as part of the learning delivery.

A good elearning developer is an expert in the particular tool set that they specialise in, but also have a flair for making information visually appealing, accessible and fun to use.

The cost of elearning development services will depend on a number of factors including the length of the engagement, the location (sometimes all of the work can be done remotely), the particular expertise you require, and who’s available at the time. Typical rates from HCi are $100-200/hr plus GST.

You do. We provide the elearning developer, but you as the client are totally in charge of what they do. If you want to pay more and have someone else do the project management, you need to look for an elearning development company.

You can hire the same person from us if they’re available, or a different one. Our people are used to developing material that’s maintainable by others.

Just have a chat with one of our elearning developers and ask them how long they think the work will take, then decide for yourself.

Call us. We currently have over 2000 on our database, and we can often have perfectly-matched resumes to you within the hour.

We provide instructional designers in: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra (ACT), Adelaide, Perth, Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Rates for instructional designers and elearning developers vary according to experience and capability. Specialists (eg writers who need experience in particular types of training) are often more expensive per hour than non-specialists.

Our clients normally need one or more instructional designers or elearning developers for periods between one and three months. A longer engagement usually means a lower hourly rate. The rate that we give you for a particular person will be inclusive of all taxes, superannuation, insurance, except GST.

Generally, more experienced instructional designers or elearning developers cost more per hour, but tend to be more productive, so may reduce your budget overall.

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