Content developers create promotional text

Content developers and copywriters develop text that is intended to sell as part of a marketing program.  Content developers are generally used for longer text (white papers, web pages, press releases) while copywriters are used for shorter text (eg ads).

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What can a content developer do for me?

  • Write compelling text that sells

    Often marketing material aimed at technical buyers is long, complex and potentially tedious … and yet it must sell for you to be able to market effectively.  An expert content developer can take a technical subject and make it compelling to read, and support your marketing efforts with sales messages that actually mean something to the reader.

  • Write about your specific offering

    Of course it’s quite possible to ask an AI to write about any subject, but there are a couple of issues with that a) there is doubt about who owns the copyright of that material, whereas anything originated by a human avoids that particular issue b) an AI cannot write about your specific product or service unless it is already on the web somewhere.

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Why use a content developer?

  • Better result than using a subject matter expert

    Subject matter experts (‘SMEs’) are expert in what they do, but that doesn’t normally include writing.  Often an SME will find writing anything (especially marketing materials) difficult to do well.  They also send to write very slowly.

  • Free your staff up for more productive work

    One of the key skills of a content developer is getting information out of people quickly and painlessly.  This frees your experts up to do the work you hired them for, rather than struggling to write compelling marketing materials.

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Frequently asked questions

A content developer is a professional who:

  • researches and writes content for your web site, newsletter or other internal or external publications
  • develops marketing and publicity material
  • researches audiences and the messages you’d like to deliver to those audiences
  • implements content strategies

A content developer writes longer-form marketing materials such as white papers, web pages, blogs or other content-heavy materials.

Obviously a content developer has to be able to write well, and to work sales and marketing messages into complex materials.  But just as important is the ability to get information out of your subject matter experts quickly and painlessly.

The cost of a content developer will depend on a number of factors including the length of the engagement, the location (and if all of the work can be done online), the particular expertise you require, and who’s available at the time.  Typical rates from HCi are $90-125/hr plus GST.

You do.  We provide the content developer, but you as the client are totally in charge of what they do.

Just ask to talk to one of our content developers and get their ideas on how long your project might take.  At the end of the day, it’s up to you how long you engage them for.

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