"I need a QA/compliance person on my team."

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A QA/compliance person is a professional who:

  • understands the benefits of quality assurance, environmental, OH&S and other management systems with respect to business outcomes
  • is usually familiar with, or has experience in implementing a quality assurance standard such as ISO9000, TL9000, TickIT, ITIL (BS15000), CMM, CMMi, SPICE etc
  • can write well structured policies and procedures
  • maintains an audited QA/compliance system
  • is key to service design that embraces compliance and quality
  • may provide high level QA/compliance consultancy services
  • manages and performs regular audits

We currently have over 1300 on our database, and we can often have perfectly-matched resumes to you within the hour.

We provide QA/compliance people in: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra (ACT), Adelaide, Perth, Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Rates for QA/compliance people vary according to experience and capability. Specialists (eg people who need experience in particular standards) are often more expensive per hour than non-specialists.

Our clients normally need one or more QA/compliance people for periods between a week to six months. A longer engagement usually means a lower hourly rate. The rate that we give you for a particular person will be inclusive of all taxes, superannuation, insurance, except GST.

Generally, more experienced QA/compliance people cost more per hour, but tend to be more productive, so may reduce your budget overall.

To find permanent QA/compliance staff that match a client’s requirements, we charge the client a percentage of their first year’s salary.

We can provide people on a number of government panel contracts and licences.