HCi writing test

Approximate duration

This is not a test of speed. If you take 30 minutes, that’s fine; if you take an hour, that’s fine too.

The Task

Write a description of how to make a local phone call, for someone who has never seen a phone before. Try to write as simply and as clearly as possible, with a minimum of jargon, long words and complex phrases. You can use a diagram if you want to.

What we want to see

This is not a test of typing, speed or your knowledge of telephones. What we are looking for is:

  • Short words and sentences
  • How you introduce new concepts
  • A logical sequence of instructions
  • Grammar and spelling

How Much?

We do not need reams of information; we only need a few pages to gauge your writing skills.

Who am I writing for?

If it helps, you can think of your audience as, for example:

  • a 19th-century office clerk with a limited vocabulary
  • a Martian who has only basic English

Please note that the results of this test may be shown to clients if they request it. Note also that we will not provide any feedback to you on the results of your writing test, so please don’t ask for any.

Provide your answer as a Word file, and copy this text into it at the top:

“I confirm that the text in this document is my own work, and that I have not shown it to any other person.”

It should go without saying that you should not just copy and paste something from the internet, but you’d be surprised – some people have actually tried this!

Use this form to submit your response:

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