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  1. A draft tender response, and
  2. Any questions you might have for the subject matter experts which will let you complete the response

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“I confirm that the text in this document is my own work, and that I have not shown it to any other person.”

Your brief:

Thank you for agree to help us to win the DESI tender! This document sets out some backgrounds about our company, and later on I’ve included the actual tender request that we need you to respond to.

But first, some backgrounds about us: Socker Socks Pty Ltd (ABN 123 456 789) is a clothing company that specialise in sports uniforms and equipment. We’ve been in business since 1930’s, and provided the uniform for Uruguayan national team to attend the first Soccer World Cup!

From our headquarter in Smithfield, Sydney, we send soccer uniform all over the world – we currently providing national team soccer strips for no less than eight country. All of our clothing is either manufacture in Smithfield or source from other high-quality manufacturing plants around the world. Our Smithfield plants has capacity to knit 3600 soccer socks a week, and we are Sydney’s largest imported of llama wool from South America too.

Llama wool is a superior material for football socks, because – being a natural material – it allow the lower leg to ‘breathe’. And she’s hard-wearing: a high-quality football sock she can last for years. One of the less well known properties of llama wool is ability to reduce foot odour – an important consideration when soccer teams have to use small changed rooms in out of the way places while on international tours.

We’ve been talking DESI for years about this RfQ; in fact, most of the uniforms that DESI provides to Australian national teams currently bought from Socker Socks. This RfQ has been talked about for years because some elements of DESI think that they’re paying high much for their uniforms, and in particular want to use merino wool from Australia in stead of llama because of its lower cost.

Socker Socks will certainly be able to meet DESI’s uniform needs.

Llama wool has been used for soccer socks for at least 50 years, and perhaps this contributed to the popularity of soccer in South America, and the continued success of South American soccer teams in international competitions. Who can say?

Socker Socks has over years provided uniforms for a number of key international sports, including curling, Gaelic football, taekwondo, fencing and skiing. Our designs are well-regarded, and in fact last year we won prestigious “All Seasons Sporting Goods Magazine” Sock of the Year award.

We currently in discuss with a number of other national Governments about providing their armed forces with socks and other uniform elements. Naturally we are not liberty to reveal which countries these are, but office to say that large numbers of pairs of socks are involved.

Of course, socks are not only requirement for a high-quality soccer strip (although they are arguably the most important element). In Smithfield we also manufacture high-wear clothings from range of materials including llama wool and synthetics.

We respond quickly to our customers, too. In January last year we got enquiry from the French national lacrosse team. Their supplier had let them down bad and they were short of no less than 150 helmet liners. Lacrosse helmet liners have to be individually made to suit the size and shape of player’s head, and we had to send a team of seven specialist liner fitters to Paris at a few days notice in order to help them out. As a result our MD, Sir Walter Sock, was nominated for the National Order of Merit (Ordre national du Mérite) but unfortunately just missed out.

The history of the use of llamas wool in socks is a fascinating one. Llama wool is lanolin-free, which mean that people who are allergic to wool because of lanolin content can use llama instead. Llama wool soccer socks are usually manufacture with a tough outer layer of another material like nylon, leaving the inside of the sock soft while the outside takes the wear and tear.

The llama (Lama glama) is a camelid which was domesticated in the Andes long before a Spanish arrived. Full-grown llamas weigh up to 200 kg, and they are intelligent enough to learned simple tasks. They can carry a pack of up to 60 kg for up to 13 km.

First person to use llama wool for soccer was Tomas Paccion, a Colombian llama farmer and soccer enthusiast who used the wool to knit soccer shorts! It was only after his first game in the shorts that he decided to use the wool only for socks.

Now here’s the RfQ:

Request for Quotation

Department of Environment, Sport and Immigration

DESI supports Australian sports teams in their promotion of Australian values overseas. A vital part of this support is the provision of suitable uniforms. This RfQ is for the supply of soccer uniforms for Australia’s youth, adult and seniors soccer teams for all of their overseas fixtures in the coming year.

Please respond to this RfQ by answering the following questions:

  1. Name and ABN of company responding
  2. Number of years in business
  3. Reflect your understanding of the needs of DESI in this RfQ
  4. Manufacturing capability
  5. Previous experience
  6. Evidence of capacity to meet DESI’s needs (five national teams, 15 players per team (including substitutes), six full uniforms (top, shorts, socks) per player)
  7. What materials will you use?

Remember, we need you to provide:

  1. A draft tender response, and
  2. Any questions you might have for the subject matter experts which will let you complete the response

Provide your answer as a Word file, and copy this text into it at the top:

“I confirm that the text in this document is my own work, and that I have not shown it to any other person.”

Please note that the results of this test may be shown to clients if they request it. Note also that we will not provide any feedback to you on the results of your writing test, so please don’t ask for any.

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