Retail, Distribution and Transport

Client organisations: Abigroup, Best Western, BHP, Blackwoods, Bluegum, Broadspectrum, Cace, Campell Arnotts, CareFlight, Coles, Davco, Downer EDI, DP World, ExecuJet, Fastway, Fuji Film, Fulton Hogan, Gordon & Gotch, Harvey Norman, Honda, Imperial Tobacco, Inenco, Lion Co, Lloyd’s Register, Lockheed Martin, MainCo, Masterton Homes, Mazda, MKD Transport, National Hire, News Ltd, OfficeMax, Orix, P&O Maritime, Pacific Brands, Pandora, QANTAS, Rail Infrastructure Corp, Salmat, Sodexo, Star Truck, Strategic Airlines, Sydney Airport, The Body Shop, Ticketek, Toll, Toyota, UGL Rail, Woolworths, Yale

Job 14337: A major Australian electrical trading franchiser had produced user documentation in-house for their Point of Sale system. HCi examined and edited this document with a view to introducing a more user-centric and structured approach to the presentation. HCi also provided feedback on editing and production aspects of the document to assist the client in planning for future documentation projects. Classification: Software user documentation

Job 14270: The client company required documentation of a new workflow application for approving expenditure on construction projects. We implemented a plan that integrated instructions for approving expenditure into user guides for existing budgeting, ordering and accounts payable applications, as well as for the set-up and configuration of the approval system. We also documented the system’s installation in the IT environment. In addition, we produced an email with animated GIFs to introduce the new approvals process to the workforce. This item was subsequently converted to an HTML help file for the product. Classification: Software user documentation, Procedures for existing processes, Training materials

Job 14258: HCi managed the development of critical documentation across the IT environment for a large Australian construction company . Of primary concern to the client were business continuity and disaster recovery planning, regular maintenance and support capability and support for non IT staff in performing their roles. HCi documented existing systems configurations, prepared user guides for core applications and developed policies and procedures for IT department functions. The client derived significant benefits in forming a complete picture of the IT environment, recording maintenance and configuration standards and in providing training and reference for new staff. Classification: Software system description

Job 14245: A major Australian development company requested HCi’s assistance with defining and documenting its product design and development processes. HCi interviewed staff in three states to analyse existing work practices and develop a national best practice. The resulting document provides a framework for product development including definitions of roles and responsibilities, auditable processes and a set of tools to support staff both in complying with systems, and sharing knowledge across all groups. The manual complements and meshes with other materials developed simultaneously to promote quality in design. Classification: Procedures for new processes, Procedures for existing processes

Job 14229: The company has developed a strong market presence in the management of residential property. In a rapidly growing business, the company management has recognised that it is essential to ensure that operations run effectively and are capable of transfer between staff members. This will support rapid expansion in local markets. The client asked HCi to plan out an operations manual to assist to build it processes and help make them consistent and standardised, The aim was to ensure full process accountability and to provide a firm basis for ongoign continual improvement. HCi planned out how the operations manual for the organisation should be structured, produced, delivered to staff and maintained. Classification: Procedures for existing processes

Job 14210: Technical writer provided on contract to assist with project management process development Classification: Procedures for new processes, Procedures for existing processes

Job 14205: We located and supplied a technical writer who developed intructional material for the use of safety ropes and related equipment. Classification: Procedures for existing processes, Hardware user documentation

Job 14203: Our client was asked to submit an expression of interest (EOI) for a nationwide maintenance contract for a Federal Government instrumentality. We researched the needs of the client, worked both with our client and with their major supplier to define their offering, analysed possible competitor’s strengths and weaknesses, and wrote and delivered the EOI document. Our main aim in all of this was to pave the way for a successful formal bid following the EOI. EOI documents are vitally important because they are usually reviewed by the same team that will review the final bids. Classification: Bid document

Job 14177: Our client was a small marketing company bidding for a major advertising sales opportunity with a Federal Government instrumentality. We analysed the needs of the client, worked with the marketing company to define their offering, analysed possible competitor’s strengths and weaknesses, and wrote and designed the bid document. Classification: Bid document

Job 14168: We provided a technical writer to a large property development company to write a manual for payroll policies and procedures, as well as user documentation for their packaged payroll system. Classification: Procedures for existing processes

Job 14153: A national manufacturer asked us to review the methods and styles used for delivering model procedures for environmental management to their plants and ways in which individual sites could be encouraged to develop local procedures and documentation. The documentation was required to support both internal environmental standards and external auditing by bodies such as the EPA. We provided a proposal for producing templates for the known model procedures that would make it much easier and quicker for site environmental officers to customise procedures and build a library of essential documents. The templates included a style sheet, boilerplate text, and prompts for customisation. We additionally proposed a scheme for identifying the training needs from each area and collating them so the organisation could more easily monitor compliance training of staff in various roles at the plants. Classification: Procedures for new processes, Procedures for existing processes

Job 14143: Our client is a national marketing company which bid for the advertising rights for several hundred key sites across Australia. We undertook the initial competitor and customer analysis, prepared and submitted the bid document. The bid was successful. Classification: Bid document

Job 14129: The client assists the New South Wales rail network to deliver safe and reliable passenger and freight services. Their Safety Manual has been developed in an ad-hoc way over a number of years. The Safety Manual contains procedures and work instructions that are based on the relevant Safety Standards. The client’s management noted several problems with the Safety Manual, and asked HCi to assist with overhauling the material to ensure its continuing effectiveness, including improving the organisation of the content, the language used and ensuring that all of the requirements of the Safety Standards are catered for in the Manual. HCi planned and executed a project to upgrade and improve the content of the Safety Manual, including compiling a number of documents and guidelines into a simplified, easy to use set of procedures for use by management and frontline staff. The work involved integrating the (often varied) needs and imperatives of a number of stakeholders within the organisation. This initially caused some delays in the project proceeding as planned, but HCi worked with the client to ensure that consensus was achieved and the work proceeded in a timely manner after the initial delays. Ensuring that safety standards are known and adhered to by staff is an essential part of meeting the client’s objectives. The documentation delivered will ensure that accurate and up-to-date procedures and work instructions, that are consistent with the Safety Standards and Safety Management System, are made available to all staff. Classification: Procedures for existing processes

Job 14093: Developed a plan for the updating and reformatting of an extensive body of reference and procedural documentation relating to first line support for a large range of technologies used by of a major groceries retailer. Essentially the primary information resource for the Helpdesk function, the documentation is to be delivered via a content management system, and the plan detailed a meta classification scheme, a set of HTML templates, an interim web-based delivery mechanism, as well as maintenance procedures to support training of in-house resources for the ongoing maintenance and use of the set. Classification: Procedures for new processes, Procedures for existing processes

Job 14042: Developed a plan for the documentation of a set of financial procedures, covering accounts payable, banking and purchasing for a manufacturing of domestic and industrial coatings products. As the procedures are designed for delivery via intranet and for ongoing in-house maintenance, the plan detailed the maintenance process and included a training plan. Classification: Procedures for existing processes

Job 14028: We developed policies and procedures documentation for the business processes of the financial area of one of Australia’s largest property developers. The primary purpose of this documentation is to ensure consistency and standardisation of the activities of the staff within the different divisions of the organisation countrywide. This was a large documentation project, the success of which was due to our ability to gather information from the disparate areas of the company, and to explain often complex financial information in plain english and using diagrams and tables where need be. Classification: Procedures for existing processes

Job 12920: A major construction company required documentation of its Australia-wide server network and of some key applications. We prepared a set of server manuals and a template for creating new ones as the network expands. We also documented the organisation’s core applications, providing both system manuals for reference by the System Administrator and other IT staff, and user guides reflecting the tasks carried out by various groups in the company. The user guides were prepared for deployment on the intranet, cross-linking with a pre-existing set of procedures guides. Classification: Software user documentation, Software system description, Hardware systems documentation



Some of our clients are so happy with our work that they insist on putting their thanks in writing. The following quotes are from letters that we have received from happy clients.

“I am writing in my capacity as the Group Financial Controller of Australand Holdings Limited to thank HCi Consulting for a job well done in successfully documenting financial processes within Australand’s financial environment.”

“As Group Information and Technology Manager, I would like to endorse the services provided by HCi in documenting processes for IT operations, maintenance and recovery. The project delivered efficiencies for staff learning via reference material while reducing risk and costs.” [Australand]

“I would like to thank HCi … for your significant contribution to ‘Connect’, our intranet site within Boral Clay and Concrete.” [GM HR Boral Clay & Concrete]

“I am pleased to endorse the services provided by HCi in designing and developing the structure and content for Canon’s Human Resources intranet.” [GM HR]

“I am writing to provide an endorsement for the work undertaken by HCi on behalf of the Commonwealth Bank for the Diammond Services produce, a software system used by our institutional banking clients.” [Senior Product Manager]

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank HCi for your support in successfully concluding our recent project.” [Clorox Product Supply Director]

“The Corporate Direct Program team would like to thank you for your contribution to ecommcorporate Release 1 … Without your involvement the implementation would certainly not have been as smooth and efficient.” [Commonwealth Bank Corporate Direct Program Executive]

“It is my pleasure to provide a reference to HCi for the documentation and consulting services your company has provided Genasys for over 3 years.” [MD]

“We are pleased to provide HCi an endorsement for its assistance in helping us attain certification to ISO 9000 for Hanimex Corporate and Logistics.” [Regional MD]

“Thanks for your help with the project to document data reformatting processes handled by our office for the Office of State Revenue.” [PM Office of Land Information Policy and Coordination]

“On behalf of everyone at McMahon White and Associates, I would like to offer our very sincere thanks for your dedicated, highly professional efforts in developing the CMC-MIS online help system, on time and within budget.” [MD]

“I write to thank you for successfully completing the documentation projects undertaken for the NSW Fire Brigades.” [Director Resources]

“As I have come to expect from other dealings with HCi at the Office of State Revenue, they provide an excellent level of service, and their specialist knowledge in documentation was of great value.” [Project Manager]

“As Information Technology Manager for Parramatta City Council, I would like to thank HCi for your work in developing our policies and procedures for the Records Management Section.”

“I am writing to provide an endorsement for the work undertaken by HCi on behalf of Pfizer.” [Sales Support Manager]

“As General Manager Safeworking Systems and Operational Standards, I am very pleased to endorse the services provided by HCi in facilitating a major overhaul of Rail Infrastructure Corporation’s safety standards documentation.”

“The technical ability of HCi’s staff and their ability to recommend appropriate solutions to our documentation needs is obviously a reason for choosing HCi.” [Tyndall User Services Manager]

“I am pleased to provide an endorsement for HCi concerning the various work at FLORAfoods relating to our quality system and documentation.” [Quality System Manager]

“As the training Project Manager for this important Westpac project, I am writing to thank you for the outstanding job your people to delivered to me.” [Project Manager Design]