Business opportunity outline

What you will get

At the end of this process, if successful, you will be the 100% owner of a profitable business that provides services across Australia.

This is not a franchise: you can name your own business, and will own all of it. You will be your own boss.

You will be operating in an industry that you already know, talking to people you have worked with for years, and providing a service that they value.

What we are offering

We are a well-established business operating nationally, with a turnover just under $10M. We have saturated our own market, and we’re looking for ways to expand. We can provide all of the training, intellectual property, and even leads that you need to be successful.

We’ll even provide cashflow funding; all you have to do is to provide energy.

And we don’t want an up-front fee. Instead we’ll take a small percentage of your turnover, so it won’t cost you a cent until you actually start to earn revenue.

What you need to provide

All you’ll need to provide is your own time and a small investment in a business that you own from day one.

You’ll need to be based in Sydney, because that way we can spend time with you in the early days.

You’ll need to know an industry that is different to the one we operate in.

Okay, but what is this all about?

We are a specialist recruitment company that provides services across Australia. We deal only with technical writers, instructional designers, QA writers and a small range of other specialists (see our main site for a list). We have a database of these people, and we provide them to our clients on an hourly rate.

A typical sale for us is where a company calls and says they need, say, a technical writer for three months. We provide resumes from our database, they hire the writer and we charge them by the hour.

We restrict ourselves to the list of specialties that we know well: technical writing, etc. We don’t stray outside those areas, because we find that knowing something about the area you’re working in helps you provide the right people, and builds your reputation.

At any given time we have 60-80 specialists working at client sites across Australia. With a staff of 10 in our Sydney office we generate nearly $10M in revenue each year.

We’re looking for someone who knows a different set of specialisations, who we can set up with their own company like ours.

Let’s say you have worked in healthcare, or engineering, or even retail for years. You don’t know much about recruitment, but you know your own industry.

We’ll work with you to help build a business like ours, but operating in your own area. And we’ll both benefit.

First step

The first step is for us to meet you at our offices, so you can get an idea of how we work, and we can find out a bit more about you.

Call me to discuss.

Phil Cohen, Director of HCi, 02 9247 1411