Investment operations support

HCi specialises in providing resources for the following investment operations roles:

Investment Operations Analyst looks after middle office functions. The role can sit within superannuation firms, investment managers, the investment arm of banks or custody teams.

Ops Analyst oversees the settlement, reconciliation, reporting & stakeholder engagement across trading and investment functions. Within this scope an ops analyst might be engaged on ad-hoc projects to provide UAT & testing capabilities for various process enhancements.

Process Analyst performs a similar role to an Investment Operations Analyst, but works on projects to assist maintaining systems or upgrading systems.

AML/ KYC compliance Analyst looks after Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your client obligations, predominantly in ADIs. They ensure the policies and procedures for new clients are adhered to, and analyse customer and transactional information to assess whether activity from clients raises a risk. Within this scope customer due diligence relating to customer identification and verification is required.

Regulatory Operations Analyst is responsible for understanding new regulations with regard to their specified area – investment banking, custody, settlements, etc. They typically sit within the middle office and are tasked with analysing new developments across regulatory regimes/ Regulators (ASIC, ESMA , EMIR etc). Examples include new regulatory guides proposed that will impact the way in which a business might settle or report trades – the regulatory ops analyst will analyse the new requirements and develop a plan or scope of the required changes needed to be made.

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We provide operations support in: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra (ACT), Adelaide, Perth, Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

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How much will it cost?

Wage and hourly rates for support vary according to experience and capability. Specialists are often more expensive per hour than non-specialists.

Our clients normally need one or more people for periods between two weeks and twelve months. A longer contract period usually means a lower hourly rate. The rate that we give you for a particular writer will be inclusive of all taxes, superannuation, insurance, except GST.

Generally, more experienced people cost more per hour, but tend to be more productive, so may reduce your budget overall.

To find a permanent staff member that matches a client’s requirements, we charge the client a percentage of the first year’s salary.

We are on a number of Government panel contracts.