No win, no fee bid/tender support


In sales, time is always money. Time spent responding to tenders is time you could have spent calling new clients. But that’s a risk we can help with.

We provide expert bid writers who have experience in winning tenders in your industry, and in some cases have helped win work from the clients you are currently bidding to. We can provide these experts to work alongside you to win more work: potentially at zero cost to you.

How can we do this? It’s called ‘no win, no fee’. If you bid for the work and don’t win, you pay us nothing. And our (very reasonable) charges are only payable after you’ve won.

If you don’t want to work on this basis, and would prefer a time and materials arrangement, please see these pages instead:

HCi has been providing expert bid writers for over 10 years. Up till 2020 we’ve always provided these experts on a strictly time and materials basis. Some of these bid writers have decades of experience in winning bids. This year, we’re sure enough of their capability that we’re offering to take some ‘skin in the game’ and partner with you to win more work.

Our clients for bid support in the past have included AECOM, Australian Submarine Corporation, Broadspectrum, Brookfield, Cardno, Commonwealth Bank, Compass, DMS, Downer, DTZ, E&Y, ExecuJet, ESS, Fulton Hogan, GHD, GIO, Hestia, Infosys, IHMS, Kincare, L-3, Laing O’Rourke, Leighton, Melbourne IT, Northrop Grumman, Ochre Health, P&O, Pitcher Partners, Qube Ports, Residex, Serco, Shine Lawyers, SNP, Sodexo, Toll, Transfield, Tyco, UGL, Ventia and Veolia.

How does it work? Phase 1.

The first part of our engagement will be to get to know you and your bid landscape – after all, we’re putting our money on the line as well. Phase 1 will consist of a ‘bid/no-bid’ review, and will cost $100 plus GST. That’s all: really just a token payment to ensure that we have enough information for both you and HCi to decide whether to go ahead.

We’ll conduct a short (and of course strictly confidential) interview with you over the phone, and ask some key questions about your company, your client, and your likely competitors. We’ll then send you a brief report stating which factors are going to work in your favour and which against, and whether we’re prepared to back you in this bid. We won’t be telling you whether or not to bid, but of course if we choose not to back you that should give you some indication of what we think you should do.

Worst case: you decide not to bid, and have a clear justification on why not, and some pointers on where you can improve for next time. Best case: we move on to Phase 2.

Phase 2: the bid.

If we decide to offer our support, we’ll let you know our price. This will be a simple lump sum (usually a small percentage of the bid value), and it will be payable only if you win.

At this point you will have the following options:

  • Decide to no-bid anyway
  • Decide to bid, but do it without our help
  • Decide to bid, but use the same bid writer on a time and materials basis
  • Decide to bid, and take up our fixed price no win, no fee offer

If you decide to go with us on a no win, no fee basis, our bid writer will work alongside you to make sure your bid response is of the highest quality, and the highest win likelihood. After all, it’s entirely in our interest to do so.

What bids are we looking at?

We’re happy to support any bid of any size through our normal service, but the no win, no fee offer is only available for some bids. In particular we’re looking for bids where:

  • You have an existing relationship with the client
  • The result is likely to be known within two months of bid submission
  • The bid has just been released (or better still, is not out yet)
  • The bid is to government (so we can see the result when it’s decided)
  • The bid value is between $1M and $30M

What you’ll still need to do.

We will provide an expert bid writer to work alongside you in crafting your response. We don’t use templated responses, because they tend to lose.

We will expect you to provide the following:

  • Information on your products and services (just raw information, we will write it into the bid response)
  • Pricing
  • Commercial input (ie checking the proposed client contract and providing feedback on it)
  • Information on your client and your likely competitors
  • Timely responses to our requests for input, review and content

Final review and approval of the bid response document will lie completely with you. Although we are bid experts, it’s still your bid and we will make whatever changes and adjustments you ask for (time permitting).

What do you have to lose? Call us to discuss further.


If you haven’t responded to tenders before, please read this first.