eLearning Certification

eLearning designers, developers and instructors can now gain accreditation with the launch of Asia-Pacific’s first eLearning Professional certification program.
Up until now, anyone hiring designers, developers and instructors for eLearning programs in the Asia-Pacific had no industry standard or independent verification process to assist in choosing the most suitable people for the job.

The Certified eLearning Professional (CELP) and Certified eLearning Consultant (CELC) programs will take a wide-angle view of an individual’s skills, experience, and qualifications to introduce a recognised professional benchmark within the industry.

The certification is underpinned with a thorough verification process as well as the requirement to renew each year as part of the continual professional development process. Organisations will be offered group certification for their eLearning teams to show they are committed to staff development and industry best practices.

To ensure transparency and validity, certification will be issued electronically through Credly, enabling successful applicants to display their credentials on their LinkedIn profile, blog or website as well as allowing interested parties to check the credentials.

The CELP/CELC certification is being offered by an independent third party in an initiative fully supported by HCi. We will be tracking the certification status of candidates on our database and we will be encouraging anyone working in the elearning space to register.

To find out more, please follow this link.

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