Covid plan

This plan covers Covid safety at HCi. Please check this page on a regular basis for updates.

HCi’s office is in Sydney, but we have people working across Australia.

Working from home

Where we ask you to work from home, make sure that you have completed and returned to us our Working from home checklist.


Contractors and HCi staff should complete this free training course:


A candidate is someone who is not currently working for us, but has been put forward to a client for interview.

All interviews will be conducted electronically or by phone. If a client asks you during the initial interview to go into their office for a second interview then if your or their location is in lockdown, refuse. If there is no lockdown in either location, then tell the client you’d prefer not to attend a physical interview; if they insist then tell your HCi Resourcer.


A contractor is someone who is currently working for an HCi client via HCi.

All work should be done from home. If the client asks you to attend their premises, then you will have to get written permission from HCi to do that – ask your Resourcer to ask the HCi Director for that permission. In some cases we will need to generate a permit for you to show the authorities if you are stopped on your way to or from the client’s premises.

Where we have given you permission to work onsite, follow these rules:

  • Work from home if at all possible, and keep site visits to an absolute minimum
  • Wear a face mask at all times while travelling to and from the client site, and while at the site
  • Wash your hands before and after each meeting
  • If you have a meeting then (weather permitting) hold it outdoors
  • Make sure that you do not attend any premises where the safe density requirement has been exceeded (ie if you walk into a 20 m2 room with more than five people in it, turn around and walk out again)
  • Keep a record of the names of all of the people you meet with

If you feel unwell, and your symptoms indicate that you may have Covid, get a test. If you are too ill to work from home, let the client and HCi know that you are not working.

HCi staff

Our office is in Sydney.

Each person has their own desk. There is more than 4 m2 of space per person in the office.

If you feel unwell, do not come in to work. Tell your manager. Get a Covid test if your symptoms indicate that you may have Covid. Do not return to work until your test results come back negative. If your results are positive, then follow Government guidelines until it is safe for you to return. Remember that at HCi you can have up to negative 40 hours of sick leave accrual.

HCi’s office

We do not have clients, candidates or contractors visiting our offices except for the following: Our external IT provider does a monthly systems check onsite. Our offices are cleaned overnight every weeknight. We have a monthly visit from the plant hire people.

Where deliveries arrive at the office, make sure that if you are the person taking the delivery that you remove and discard the outer packaging of the delivery, and then wash your hands thoroughly.