Candidate questionnaire

To ensure that we have all the correct information for you, can you please download this Word file:

… save it and edit it on your machine then email it back to us.

If you’re outside Australia/NZ please use this version instead:

Yes, we understand that there is a lot of detail in your resume, and we will be scanning it automatically and picking up as much information as we can from it.


Even the best software will miss stuff. For example, if you’ve worked for Westpac it will not pick up that you’ve worked in the banking industry. If your job title was “BD manager” it won’t know whether that role involved writing bid documents. If you have experience in quality management it won’t know whether that’s ISO9000 or six sigma.

So …

Please help us to get work by spending just five minutes going through this form and spotting all the stuff you’ve done over the years; some of it might not even be in your resume at all! We promise you’ll only have to do it once every couple of years at most.

Just save this as a Word document, type your responses in, and then email it back to us. Or if it makes it easier for you, you’re welcome to print it and just write on it, then mail it back to us.