HCi authoring test

Why?: Whether you’ve never authored before, or you’ve had 30 years’ experience, letting us assure our clients that we’ve tested you will get you more work. After all, the choice is theirs.

But authoring isn’t part of my job: Don’t worry – when we’re searching for non-authoring roles (facilitator, graphic artist, bid administrator, etc) we ignore the authoring test results. But if you are someone whose authoring skills are not critical to what you do for a living, then doing the test might open new career possibilities (you might be a better author than you think!), so we’d like to invite you to do it anyway; won’t take long.

The task: Explain how to make a local phone call, for someone who has never seen a phone before. If it helps, you can think of your audience as, for example:

  • a 19th-century office clerk with a limited vocabulary
  • a Martian who has only basic English

How it’s marked: We score for your English grammar/spelling, and for the order in which you introduce new concepts.

Format: You can deliver in any of these formats – your choice. The format won’t affect your score:

  • Word document: Write a description of how to make a local phone call; you can include diagrams and photos if you like, or
  • Face to face training material: Develop a set of PowerPoint slides for a trainer to teach people how to make a local phone call; include detailed trainer notes in the ‘Notes’ section of each slide, or
  • e-learning: Develop an elearning storyboard in Word that includes for each screen: a visual description, narration text, and interaction/programming specs; the module will be to teach people how to make a local phone call. You can assume that your audience knows how to use an e-learning module.

How much material?: We do not need reams of information; we only need a few pages/slides to gauge your skills. Please don’t spend more than an hour of your time on this.

Submission: Your submission may be shown to clients if they request it. We will not provide any feedback to you on the results of your test, so please don’t ask for any.

Make sure your submission has the following text on the first page/slide: “I confirm that the text in this document is my own work, and that I have not shown it to any other person.” Note: A surprising number of people think that copying and pasting from WikiHow “How to make a phone call” is a quick way to complete this test. It’s quick, but will be just as quickly rejected.

Use this form to submit your response (if you have problems uploading your test, just email it to us as resumes@hci.com.au):

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