Using HCi’s online timesheet system

Please note that until you sign a contract with us covering the period of the timesheet, we cannot pay you at all. So please never start work with a client until we have sent you a contract. In order to be paid you will have to submit your timesheets and get them approved by the client by midday on Monday in order to be included in the Tuesday pay run. (If you have a shelf company you’ll be paid on Tuesday four weeks from approval.) Log in to Astute (who provides the timesheet service for HCi) at – your username and password should have been emailed to you … if not, please let us know. The system will prompt you to enter some information before you can start entering timesheets. Depending on whether you are PAYG or have your own company it may ask you for super fund, banking or other details. Once you are ready to start entering timesheets:

  • Click on ‘Log time’
  • Click on the timesheet you want to enter
  • Each day, enter the start and end times for the day, as well as any break time, and click ‘Save’
  • Once all of your week’s work has been logged, click on ‘Submit’
  • As soon as you hit ‘Submit’ the client will get an email showing your times for the week … all they have to do is click on the email to approve it.
  • You will be notified by email once your timesheet has been approved by the client; it’s up to you to make sure that happens before midday Monday – we won’t pay for any timesheet that isn’t approved

If you need to change your address or other details, just use the Astute ‘Profile’ menu to do so. We don’t generally use the ‘Expenses’ part of Astute, so you can ignore that (unless we have explicitly told you otherwise). There’s more detail in our Astute user documentation. Most common reasons for you to not get paid:

  • Timesheet approved too late for the weekly pay run (noon Monday)
  • If you have a shelf company, no matching invoice with your timesheet
  • Tax file number declaration form not completed (you get paid, but we have to deduct a lot of tax)
  • Test payment not confirmed (you get paid, but by a cheque in the mail)

If you work through a company:

  • With each correctly completed timesheet, you must send us a GST compliant ‘Tax Invoice’ to before we can make a payment to you
  • The invoice should show clearly how much GST is included
  • The invoice must include an ABN

If you have any questions or problems with Astute, just give us a call, or you can call Astute tech support direct on 1300 794 070. When you finish the contract, tell Astute by checking the ‘My employment finishes this week’ box on your final timesheet. Otherwise you’ll keep getting reminders from Astute.