PAYG or Pty Ltd?

When working for HCi you have a choice of pay arrangements:

Pay arrangement -> PAYG Pty Ltd company ABN (sole trader, family trust, etc)
What you need Nothing – just fill out some forms for us A Pty Ltd company with its own ACN (“Australian Company Number”) An ABN (“Australian Business Number”)
Advantage to you We look after all of the paperwork – you just spend the money! You have more flexibility in tax arrangements HCi does not engage using ABN (sole trader, family trust, etc) arrangements because of the risk that the ATO may ‘deem’ them to be PAYG; yes, we know many other agencies are prepared to do this regardless of the risks to you
Disadvantage to you We take 4 weeks longer to pay you. You do your own administration for super, tax and insurances
Superannuation We look after that – just tell us what super fund you use You have to organise your own
GST NA You bill us for an amount which includes GST, which you then remit to the ATO when you do your BAS return
Insurance We look after that You will need to set up compulsory worker’s compensation insurance, and other insurances set out in your contract
Payroll tax We look after that If HCi is your main customer, you may be liable for payroll tax