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Client organisations: Aged Care Standards and Accreditation Agency, Airservices, Anglicare, Australasian Fire Authorities Council, Australian Aerospace, Australian Army, Australian Communications and Media Authority, Australian Drug Foundation, ASIC, BAE Systems, Baptist Community Services, Benevolent Society, Break Thru, CEA, Cerebral Palsy League, City of Sydney, ComSuper, Department of Climate Change, Dept Education and Communities, DIMIA, Dept Innovation Industry Science, Dept Planning, Dept Workplace Relations, DOCS, Dept Corrective Services, Dept Defence, Dept Education and Training, FACS, Dept Health (NSW), Dept Housing, Gilgai Aboriginal Centre, Hornsby Shire Council, Justice Health, Melbourne Water, Mission Australia, National Livestock Identification System, Business Link (NSW), NSW Electoral Commission, NSW Fair Trading, NSW Fire and Rescue, Office of State Revenue (NSW), Office of DPP, PCYC, Premier’s Dept (NSW), Public Transport Safety Victoria, Queensland Dept Transport and Main Roads, Queensland Health, Queensland Rail, Rail Corp NSW, RMS (NSW), SAI Global, Serco, State Water, Sydney Ferries, Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, Uniting Care, Vision Australia, Western Sydney LHD

Job 14386: A government organisation is planning to implement a formal quality management system, and has devised a document control strategy to handle compliance and operational needs. HCi was asked to assess the proposed strategy for compliance and operational efficiency, and to advise on ways to improve the proposed systems. Classification: QA consulting report, Document management consulting report

Job 14375: The client is the training unit of a NSW government department. Following certification against the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) the unit sought assistance with training its own staff to conduct internal audits to satisfy this and other compliance needs, including QA. HCi tailored a course suitable for practical application in the unit, and provided training to 6 staff in a face to face environment. Classification: Training

Job 14359: Our client requested writing training for a group that included some dedicated technical writers as well as a number of quality co-ordinators from operations around NSW. We provided a one day course in Writing Effective Performance Support Documentation at the client’s premises. Classification: Training

Job 14288: A NSW Government agency had been audited and several discrepancies had been identified in their financial transactions. The agency approached HCi who performed a comprehensive review of the agency’s procedural documentation. This review revealed that little of the department’s operational procedures had been documented and the documentation which did exist was in need of revision. The review also revealed that there was no coherent system of document management or control. HCi planned and implemented a project which documented all the department’s policy and procedures and instituted a regime of document control which enabled the new documentation to be effectively maintained. Classification: Procedures for existing processes

Job 14275: A State Government Department were implementing the provisions of a new act which mandated major changes to their way of doing business. The department was faced with the need to perform a major conversion process on the contents of a large client database and to upgrade two main software applications. The need was for documentation for the conversion process, online help for the two applications and training materials. They had neither the resources nor the expertise to undertake this task. HCi planned the documentation work and implemented it ahead of schedule and under budget. Classification: Software user documentation, Software maintenance programmer documentation, Procedures for new processes, Training materials, Training

Job 14260: A local government organisation requested an independent review of four tender submissions to their Request for Tender for IT services. HCi provided a more detailed breakdown of the percentage weightings allocated to the key tender criteria, and allocated scores to each tenderer on the basis of their documented response. We also contacted the references provided in each submission and asked a standard list of questions to confirm the tenderers’ experience and capabilities in similar contracts. Our written report included a summary of the findings and an analysis of the differences between the proposed models and potential hidden costs. Classification: Bid document

Job 14243: A state government department had a requirement for systems and configuration documentation to support their Oracle databases, applications and Unix servers. They were also required to comply with system security standards. HCi planned a documentation set to meet those needs. Classification: Software maintenance programmer documentation, Software operations (not user) procedures

Job 14232: HCi prepared a plan to provide systems documentation (data dictionary etc) for a software system developed by a major state government department. Classification: Software maintenance programmer documentation

Job 14219: A State Government department asked us to analyse and provide a documentation plan for the daily tasks and annual cycle of work carried out in maintaining and updating a database used by a statewide network of offices. Our plan included regular tasks, procedures for communicating and monitoring change requests to the application development team, and tips for troubleshooting. Classification: Software operations (not user) procedures

Job 14204: A State Government department was faced with the need to comply with Information Security Standards in accordance with the requirements of the Office for Information Technology (OIT). They were aware of their lack of documentation and approached HCi to conduct a documentation gap analysis and plan for the development of Information Security Policies and Procedures, including Business Continuity Management and Disaster Recovery Plans. The analysis was completed and the work planned. This documentation will provide the client with a powerful set of security documentation to guide their compliance activities. Classification: Procedures for existing processes

Job 14200: A State Government department was bidding for road construction work interstate, and were told that their last bid document would have won if they had been stronger on the ‘non-financial’ aspects of the bid. The department approached us for help with their next bid, and we researched and wrote their entire bid document using information gleaned from the RFT itself, from contact with their client, and from the department’s business development team. The Department submitted our bid, and won the work – even though their price was not the lowest. Classification: Bid document

Job 14199: Provided a writer to assist in the production of online user documentation of a large-scale software development project for a NSW State Government Department. The documentation was produced directly in HTML using Dreamweaver Classification: Software user documentation

Job 14198: An HCi QA documentation writer developed and documented ISO 9000 related procedures for a major NSW Government Organisation. Working with senior management the writer assisted in the development of new processes and validated those processes through an internal process review. Classification: QA consulting report, Procedures for new processes, Training materials

Job 14195: A State Government Department retained HCi to assist with developing a plan for introducing e-learning as a component of its Learning and Development program at multiple sites across NSW. We developed a strategy for building in-house knowledge, resources and infrastructure in a staged approach to an eventual e-learning implementation. This included identifying blended learning initiatives that could be taken without major infrastructural change or expenditure, and defining the user requirements for both a learning management system and an online learning content development tool. The work carried out by our consultants allowed the Department to progress rapidly to writing a Request for Tender for the necessary e-learning applications. Classification: Procedures for new processes, Training materials, Knowledge management report

Job 14184: We supplied a technical writer to a NSW goverment department to assist with a major Microsoft XP project rollout for their client organisations. This included the documentation for all the technical support procedures for IT support staff. Classification: Software system description

Job 14161: Conducted a knowledge management consulting project to analyse the information environment and knowledge use and development practices of a professional services government department. Looked at all operational areas and information programs, as well as knowledge needs, to determine the overall status and capacities of the organisation and developed a prioritised list of information and knowledge development programs to suit. Classification: Knowledge management report

Job 14159: Developed an implementation plan for a major upgrade and redesign of the internet and intranet sites of a professional services government department. The plan detailed the redesign and expansion of site contents, as well as formal expression of the governing policies, standards, production processes and administration activites associated with the ongoing maintenance and development of each function. Classification: Document management consulting report

Job 14136: The client is Australia’s largest charitable organisation, and has a leading role in the field of caring for the aged, disabled, homeless, migrant and refugee groups, and the care of persons in their homes. The client has asked HCi to analyse the way in which it disseminates process-related information to its volunteers, members and staff, and to check whether current processes: – are focussed accurately on its requirements – are supported by input in the form of agreed, consistent, and documented procedures suitable to support compliance and operational needs – address its need to comply with the Privacy Act and with other legislative imperatives. Our analysis considered how to best integrate suggested compliance strategies with existing practices, so as to maximise benefit and minimise bureaucracy. The analysis included: – core elements to comply with the National Privacy Principles – identification of how these compliance requirements should be structured to integrate and co-ordinate with existing activities – other issues which might be relevant, including organisational, structural, management and cultural issues – documentation required for compliance and other operational needs – staffing structures, personnel and training issues affecting compliance, including definition of the roles and responsibilities of personnel and recommendations on training – implementation strategies, including timeframes and costs We also identified a significant number of opportunities to improve operating efficiencies and to ensure that its people are well-informed about the organisation’s needs. This analysis provided a planned approach to deliver: – comprehensive and easy to use manuals covering nominated key areas of the client’s operations – a consistent look and feel to all performance support information, which will allow staff members and volunteers to adapt easily to working in different areas – online versions of the manuals that are easy to navigate, search, and read Classification: Procedures for existing processes

Job 14130: A State Government department was coming to the end of a major redevelopment of one of their key systems. The existing version had been developed decades before in VAX assembler, and was still maintained by the same small team that developed it. The new version was developed in Java by a team of developers organised as an external project. Many of the Java developers had been born after the development of the original VAX version. There was a need to merge the cultures of these two areas – the existing application team and the project staff – into a single functioning whole so that the new (and old) applications could be supported and maintained in the coming years. We ran a series of process development workshops to define a new set of processes for the merged team, and to led the discussion of what those processes were to cover and how they were to work. We ran nearly a dozen workshops, all of which were very fruitful and positive. At the end of the day we delivered a document which described in detail each of the processes and how they were to work together. The processes included help desk, software repair, architecture, design, testing, installation, and so on. Classification: Procedures for new processes

Job 14127: A State Government department was faced with the need to comply with Information Security Standards. They were aware of their lack of documentation and approached HCi to conduct a documentation gap analysis and plan for the development of Information Security Policies and Procedures. The plan was completed, accepted and implemented. HCi developed the documentation on budget and on schedule. This documentation provided the client with a powerful set of security documentation to guide their compliance activities. Classification: Software operations (not user) procedures, Procedures for new processes, Procedures for existing processes

Job 14109: We conducted a Knowledge Management consulting exercise focusing on the information environment of geographically and operationally diverse government department. This included analysing the nature of the information production and use across the organisation and proposed a number of information development projects aimed at securing information assets and ensuring quality in the development and management of information. The four key recommendations were to: (1) secure data in repositories through development of standards, processes and the formal documentation of data in data dictonaries, (2) develop a strategic framework for knowledge and information managrment, (3) create an inventory of information products and resources, with a view to underpinning effective records management and information production and use, (4) redesign the intranet to more effectively deliver information and knowledge the organisation. Classification: Knowledge management report

Job 14106: The Learning and Development Unit of a NSW government department is a Registered Training Organisation (‘RTO’), and during an external audit of its RTO status, the findings were that it was compliant with the (then current) ARF Standard. The Unit had limited documentation for its activities, including a Code of Practice and some high level policy documents. These paper documents were out of date in some cases and were not always accurate statements of its current activities or processes. The Unit asked HCi to analyse whether its policies and procedures comply with the new AQTF Standard against which all RTOs are assessed after 1 July 2002. In addition, it asked HCi to analyse the degree to which its policies and procedures comply with the requirements of ISO9001:2000, and to make recommendations about gaps in QA compliance and how they should be addressed. This is to effectively support efficient operation and control of the future development and expansion of the Unit’s activities. The project recommendations were intended to: – ensure that the Unit continued to qualify as a Registered Training Organisation by complying with the new Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) Standard – use the Quality System standard ISO 9001:2000 as a checklist to ensure that it has addressed all quality related issues in the right way. HCi’s analysis included recommending an overall structure for the Unit’s reference documentation, and we made observations and recommendations for handling ISO 9001 and AQTF issues. We helped the Unit implement its new compliance management systems by: – Developing and documenting the required processes and activities – Assigning responsibility for the processes in terms of authorship, management and authorisation – Working with and training the new ‘Management Systems Coordinator’ to ensure that they keep the compliance system working and maintained and monitor quality and AQTF issues – Providing training for staff in the general principles of AQTF compliance, quality management, and key specific processes within the Unit Classification: QA consulting report

Job 14016: A semi-government health/transport organisation uses a wide variety of policy and procedure documents, instructional circulars, forms and other performance assistance material for its officers. It asked HCi to analyse this material and make recommendations about improvements for the future. The project addressed both gaps and problems with the existing documentation. It planned how to populate the organisation’s proposed Intranet with useful and up-to-date documentation to help to justify current and future investment in computers and network structures. The documentation proposed to allow operations and support staff to have clear, up to date and accessible instructional materials to enable them to perform their jobs. This would also allow the organisation itself to increase accountability, because audit against written procedures is more meaningful where those procedures are reliable. The plan scoped out how to deliver a series of online manuals suitable for various staff groups. Each was designed to provide relevant material for that group. A large proportion of the proposed manuals will consist of material in the current SOPs, upgraded and simplified to be more user-friendly and accessible for staff. Classification: Procedures for existing processes

Job 12914: A state government department wished to assign metadata to each page of their records to assist with discovery and to comply with the NSW Government’s State Records Act. An HCi consultant developed a Keyword AAA thesaurus for this project. Classification: Knowledge management report

Job 12882: HCi employed a contract analyst for a process development and business analyst contractor assignment working in the IT development area of a large NSW Government Department. Classification: Software system description, Procedures for new processes




Some of our clients are so happy with our work that they insist on putting their thanks in writing. The following quotes are from letters that we have received from happy clients.

“I am writing in my capacity as the Group Financial Controller of Australand Holdings Limited to thank HCi Consulting for a job well done in successfully documenting financial processes within Australand’s financial environment.”

“As Group Information and Technology Manager, I would like to endorse the services provided by HCi in documenting processes for IT operations, maintenance and recovery. The project delivered efficiencies for staff learning via reference material while reducing risk and costs.” [Australand]

“I would like to thank HCi … for your significant contribution to ‘Connect’, our intranet site within Boral Clay and Concrete.” [GM HR Boral Clay & Concrete]

“I am pleased to endorse the services provided by HCi in designing and developing the structure and content for Canon’s Human Resources intranet.” [GM HR]

“I am writing to provide an endorsement for the work undertaken by HCi on behalf of the Commonwealth Bank for the Diammond Services produce, a software system used by our institutional banking clients.” [Senior Product Manager]

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank HCi for your support in successfully concluding our recent project.” [Clorox Product Supply Director]

“The Corporate Direct Program team would like to thank you for your contribution to ecommcorporate Release 1 … Without your involvement the implementation would certainly not have been as smooth and efficient.” [Commonwealth Bank Corporate Direct Program Executive]

“It is my pleasure to provide a reference to HCi for the documentation and consulting services your company has provided Genasys for over 3 years.” [MD]

“We are pleased to provide HCi an endorsement for its assistance in helping us attain certification to ISO 9000 for Hanimex Corporate and Logistics.” [Regional MD]

“Thanks for your help with the project to document data reformatting processes handled by our office for the Office of State Revenue.” [PM Office of Land Information Policy and Coordination]

“On behalf of everyone at McMahon White and Associates, I would like to offer our very sincere thanks for your dedicated, highly professional efforts in developing the CMC-MIS online help system, on time and within budget.” [MD]

“I write to thank you for successfully completing the documentation projects undertaken for the NSW Fire Brigades.” [Director Resources]

“As I have come to expect from other dealings with HCi at the Office of State Revenue, they provide an excellent level of service, and their specialist knowledge in documentation was of great value.” [Project Manager]

“As Information Technology Manager for Parramatta City Council, I would like to thank HCi for your work in developing our policies and procedures for the Records Management Section.”

“I am writing to provide an endorsement for the work undertaken by HCi on behalf of Pfizer.” [Sales Support Manager]

“As General Manager Safeworking Systems and Operational Standards, I am very pleased to endorse the services provided by HCi in facilitating a major overhaul of Rail Infrastructure Corporation’s safety standards documentation.”

“The technical ability of HCi’s staff and their ability to recommend appropriate solutions to our documentation needs is obviously a reason for choosing HCi.” [Tyndall User Services Manager]

“I am pleased to provide an endorsement for HCi concerning the various work at FLORAfoods relating to our quality system and documentation.” [Quality System Manager]

“As the training Project Manager for this important Westpac project, I am writing to thank you for the outstanding job your people to delivered to me.” [Project Manager Design]